Belgravia Healthcare exhibited at Open Season 2023 elevating our physiotherapy, wellness, nursing and care services to new heights.

Last weekend we showcased our industry-leading physiotherapy and medical services at Open Season 2023. The event is Dubai’s most exhilarating fitness and wellness experience of the year.

We chose to sponsor Open Season 2023, because it is not just a fitness and wellness event. It is a celebration of health, vitality, and community. As specialists in providing a full range of health, care, and nursing services in Dubai, we wanted to spread the word about how Belgravia Healthcare can help.   

Although it was our first time attending, we are no strangers to health and fitness. Our industry-leading standards stem from strict regulatory compliance. Also through our rigorous training programme supported by our UK partners and their in-house academy.

The team engaged with like-minded professionals, fostering collaborations and partnerships that promise to continue to support the people of Dubai in being able to access the highest quality of care. 

Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation service, overseen by Dhara Rami – a DHA licensed physiotherapist – proved a popular talking topic at the event.

In addition, we presented a sports nutrition and wellness talk, provided complimentary musculoskeletal assessments, and on-the-spot physio ‘first aid’.

Open Season 2023 provided us with a unique platform to share our global perspective on healthcare. By combining British-based expertise with a commitment to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of the international community, Belgravia Healthcare exemplifies a holistic approach to healthcare that transcends geographical boundaries and includes fitness and wellness packages covering:

  • Wellness checks.
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • DNA and genetic testing.
  • Nutritional consultation.
  • Blood tests at home.
  • IV vitamin and wellness infusions.
  • Nursing care.

More about Belgravia Healthcare

All of our services are delivered by our specially trained and DHA-Licensed staff. Our standards of care are based on our partner Komplex Group’s background as leaders in the British healthcare sector.

Our services carry the prestigious approval of the Dubai Health Authority. This seal of trust and quality not only reflects our adherence to our stringent healthcare standards, but also positions us as a reliable partner in the region’s healthcare landscape. Clients can rest assured that Belgravia Healthcare’s services meet and exceed regulatory requirements, ensuring the highest level of care.

Our presence at Open Season 2023 was a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of our clients. In summary, Belgravia Healthcare is poised to be a beacon of quality in the global healthcare landscape.

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