Elder Care and Companionship

We meet the care needs of older people in Dubai, helping them retain their independence.

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The elderly population in UAE is increasing rapidly, consequently more people need care. This might be for a specific health condition or for more general issues associated with ageing. For example, we can provide personal care, domestic duties, and medication management.

A large element of the elder care we provide at Belgravia Healthcare focuses around companionship. For this reason, our care team carefully plans activities and schedules in order to maximise the elder person’s independence and sense of wellbeing.

“Breaking free from isolation has many mental health benefits. The brain thrives on activity and stimulation, and withers without it.”

The Institute on Aging

The Benefits of Companion Care Services

Currently, those aged 65 and over make up at least 1% of the population of Dubai. A quarter of those are aged 75 or over.

By 2050, more than 16% of the entire UAE population is expected to be older than 65.

This huge shift represents an increased reliance on the working-age population. But there is also the potential for a surge in conditions associated with older people.


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As partners of the UK-based Komplex Group,  we are proud to offer bespoke training to all of our staff. Our access to the in-house British Training Academy means you can be reassured of the standards of our care. Our nurses are also DHA-licensed, adding to your sense of peace and comfort when you put your care into our hands. 

  • We provide quality care across Dubai.
  • We specialise in a range of conditions and support needs.
  • Each care package is bespoke to the individual.
  • We train our staff specifically to meet the needs of each client.
  • Care is clinically led by a DHA-licensed team.
  • Our senior managers have decades of experience between them.

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