In this blog, we will look at the importance of companionship care services to support elders in the UAE.

Currently, those aged 65 and over make up at least 1% of the population of Dubai. A quarter of those are aged 75 or over.

By 2050, more than 16% of the entire UAE population is expected to be older than 65.

This huge shift represents an increased reliance on the working-age population. But there is also the potential for a surge in conditions associated with older people.

As well as needing physical assistance with these issues, there are also a number of wellbeing challenges faced by older adults in the UAE. These include social isolation, loneliness and declining physical and cognitive abilities.

That is why companionship care services are so essential. They are a vital source of support, helping maintain and improve wellbeing and physical health. They also reduce pressure on family members and provide peace of mind.

How can companionship care support wellbeing?

“Depression is a major public health problem that is growing worldwide. The causes are complex and vary from person to person. However, new research estimates that up to one in five cases of depression among older adults could be prevented by reducing loneliness.”

Loneliness linked to depression in older adults – NIHR Evidence

We know that loneliness and social isolation can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Even when an older person is in contact with others, they can still experience loneliness. This may result from a decline in social activities, and leaving the house less often.

By providing regular social interactions, companionship care services can help prevent or alleviate these issues. The companions become a regular fixture in that person’s schedule, providing a listening ear, and supporting them to maintain hobbies and enjoyable pastimes.

How can companionship care support physical health?

“Only one in five Senior Emiratis maintain their health and exercise, and around half spend time with family and friends” 

Aged Care Report

Companions can help older adults to continue performing daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and running errands. This means the client maintains their independence and, through mobilising to complete these tasks, their physical health.

Companions can encourage the maintenance of a routine which promotes overall health and wellbeing – maintaining the person’s quality of life through the continuous upkeep of a positive daily routine.

Beneficial for everyone

Introducing companionship care is not only beneficial for the client themselves, it also has a positive impact on family members. Loved ones may feel pressure to support an older family member, alongside other pressures such as work.

Knowing there is a routine in place, with companions coming in at regular intervals to provide much-needed support, relieves that pressure. And it ensures that the responsibility for the elder person’s health and wellbeing is shared between them and the trained professionals coming in to care for that person on a frequent basis.

Care enables the person to continue living in their own home with the highest quality of life possible. That is why companionship care services are vital to improving the lives of older adults in the UAE. Even more so as the population continues to age.

With such a shift in population demographics, it is crucial that we prioritise companion care so older adults have the support and resources needed to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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