The post-operative care received while recovering from surgery is essential to avoid complications and to reduce healing time. Many patients prefer to return home as quickly as possible after their operation. But a safe and timely discharge from hospital relies on having the right post-operative care in place in the home. 

“Increased home time in the first year after major surgery was associated with improved daily function and physical quality of life.”

Four benefits of post-operative care at home 

Support network 

One of the main benefits of at-home post-operative care is unrestricted visiting from family and friends. Those who live with family members may also find returning to that environment beneficial for their wellbeing, compared to staying in hospital. 

Adjusting to independent living 

The longer a person stays in hospital, the more difficult it can be to adapt to life at home. Especially if their mobility or independence is affected long-term. By returning to the home environment, albeit it with the proper care in place, patients can start to adapt to their post-surgery routine, easing themselves back into their regular surroundings. 


Hospitals are normally unfamiliar, busy places with noise, lights and people around 24/7. In contrast, the sense of calm people feel in their familiar surroundings is likely to support their recovery. It may be easier to sleep at home – which again supports with quicker healing. 

Reduced infection risk 

Unfortunately, being in hospital presents an increased risk of infection, no matter what procedures are put in place to reduce the chances. One study focused on a hospital in the UAE showed a 4.7% rate of nosocomial (or hospital-acquired) infections. Contact with other patients is a key factor here, which of course is not a factor at home.

What care does Belgravia provide after surgery? 

The care provided by our post-operative team would depend on a number of factors, including the type of surgery the individual had undergone. Other dependables would be the age of the patient, their mobility level after their operation, the likely recovery time, and any existing health conditions or disabilities. 

Because of these differences, we would independently assess every patient before putting together a package of care. We would consider how long post-operative care was needed for and what aspects of care were needed during each visit. Then we would specifically train your care team, supported by the nurse-led Training Academy of our UK partners Komplex Group. 

Do get in touch today if you have surgery planned, and may need a package of post-operative care. We would love to support you through the healing process and ensure a quick and straightforward recovery

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